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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Results from WABDL Dallas, Texas July 28th 2012

WABDL Dallas, Texas Results July 28th, 2012: Bench Press- Doug Noebe (198 EQ) 468.2 BP Chane Cline (SHW EQ) 639.2 BP

Results from WABDL Lansing, Michigan July 28th, 2012

            *Team ICG Meet Results from WABDL Lansing, Michigan July 28th, 2012* Bench Press- Jeff Begue(275 EQ) 634.8- 2 WR Augie Mastroine(181 EQ) 402.2 Marvin Bishop(SHW raw) 556.5 Jed Lee(148 EQ) 363.7 Dan Taylor(220 EQ)

“Against All Odds” (world of bullying) Anna Knapski

The remarkable life journey of ICG’s very own Anna Knapski > Against All Odds (world of bullying) from Fox8, here is the link to the video.

ICG Monster Training Session

ICG Monster Training Session: Are you serious about getting stronger? Want to train for powerlifting but sick of not being able to use chalk at your wimpy gym? Interested in what geared powerlifting is all about? The Iron Chamber Gym

Team ICG and Team SSB join forces to take over WABDL Lansing July 28th

Team Iron Chamber Gym and Team Southside Barbell joined forces July 28th 2012 at WABDL – Great Lakes Regional Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships!