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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Strongman Training Crew

Willis McCoy and crew trained strongman style at The Iron Chamber Gym for their visalus 90 day fatloss challenge. Everyone trained hard as they did tire flip, sled push, sled pull,sledge hammer, farmers walk.

Sunday Bench Crew 8/19/12

Here’s some highlights of the Sunday bench crew training this past weekend. Marvin Bishop smashed some impressive raw reps and then shirted up. Doug Noebe worked in his shirt and hit a solid rep to the chest. Jimmy Kolb came

Jay Bednar Takes Overall at the NPC Europa Super Show

Congratulations to Jay Bednar for the big win at the NPC Europa Super Show!   Best of luck to Jay as he will compete in Pittsburgh in 2 weeks to get a shot at earning his pro card!

Jeffrey Begue Announces Retirement

    Jeffrey Begue has announced his retirement from the sport of competitive bench pressing marking the end to an impressive career. Begue’s run began in 2005 at the WABDL Great Lakes Regional event in Lansing, Michigan and ended with the same

Danboo Bar Presses

The Danboo Bar is the ICG’s version of a “Bamboo” bar. It is made of 4 tubes of PVC pipe. The banded hanging weights provide a very unstable motion and recruits many stabilizer muscles to fire. Here is the Monday

Jed Lee Deadlifts 365 + 200lbs of chain

Jed Lee RAW pulls a solid 365lbs + 200lbs of chain off of 2 mats.

Mike Pfabe Deadlift Training 8/11/12

Mike Pfabe pulling sumo stance for the first time since November 2011 in a Metal King Pro Sumo.

Iron Chamber Gym Video by Michael Noebe

Big thanks to Michael Noebe for the awesome video!

Iron Chamber Gym 30th St. Tribute Video

30th Street Tribute from Iron Chamber Gym on Vimeo. “Two years have passed since we moved from the sacred grounds of 30th street. The talk even still of “the basement” is something all those fortunate enough to do battle in