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Results from the WABDL Great Lakes Regional July 20th

WABDL Great Lakes Regional Lansing, Michigan -Marvin Bishop (BW 395) 601.8 BP Ohio Open and Submasters state record and PR. -Chane Cline (BW 331) BP 651.3 Law/Fire Sub-master World Record and PR -Greg Hawkins (BW 242.4) DL 502.3 Ohio Law/Fire

ICG Records have been updated

The Iron Chamber Gym Records have been updated! Please follow this link to The ICG Hall of Records

Results from the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam

Congrats to the ICG lifters who competed in the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam on June 15th, 2013. Results are as follows: Logan Dallas – 148lb Bodyweight, 500lb Squat, 330lb Bench, 515lb Deadlift, 1345lb Total for 4 Teen World Records and

ICG Fit Camp Week 2 in the Books!

Week 2 of ICG Fit Camp is in the books. We went from 6 people week 1, to 12 people in week 2. ICG Fit Camp takes place one day a week and we strive to work on total body

Congrats to Willis McCoy for his World Record Deadlift!

After a few years of hard and consistent training Willis McCoy was able to finally beat a 14 year old standing record in the Master Mens (40-46) class in WABDL with a 552.1lbs at 145lb bodyweight.

Congrats to Anna Knapski on her World Record RAW Deadlift!

A big congrats goes out to Anna for pulling her 4th World Record deadlift at WABDL Buckeye Classic in Toledo, Ohio on May 11th!

WABDL Buckeye Classic Toledo, Ohio Results

WABDL Buckeye Classic Toledo, Ohio Results from May 11th, 2013: Willis McCoy 337.1 BP / 552.1 World Record Deadlift and Best Lifter Greg Hawkins 501.7 Deadlift and State Record Anna Knapski 429.7 World Record Deadlift Tristan Wolfe 385.7 Bench Press

Congrats to Team ICG at RPS in Columbus, Ohio March 3rd

Big Congrats goes out to ICG’s NAPR/RPS International Open lifters. Everyone trained very hard for this meet and the results showed. Chane Cline posted a 1957lb total for 1st place in the Open SHW w/single ply for 4 RPS world

Congrats to Mike McHargh!

Big Congrats to Mike McHargh who competed at the Arnold Classic USAPL Ohio Invitational Bench Press and Deadlift Championships this past Arnold Weekend. Mike weighed in at 218.8lbs and benched 440lbs and deadlifted 540lbs RAW!

The ICG Records have been updated!

The Iron Chamber Gym Records have been updated! Please follow this link to The ICG Hall of Records