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ICG Youth Conditioning Program on!

Area youth from all over the Northeast Ohio area recently wrapped up a dedicated 8-week effort as part of The Iron Chamber Gym’s annual Youth Conditioning Program. With an average attendance of just under 30, boys and girls ranging in

Jimmy Kolb Benches 1100lbs to a 2 board

Jimmy Kolb Benched a massive 1100lbs to a 2 board on Monday 4/1/13! ICG-PRIDE!

Saturday Morning Squat Crew Training 1/12/13

The Saturday Morning Squat Crew worked hard against blue bands (200lbs of resistance), here is a video of some of the lifts! ICG-PRIDE!

The Saturday Morning Squat Crew 1/5/13

The Saturday Morning Squat Crew, training for RPS in March, worked up to openers in full gear 1/5/13. Here are a handful of video clips from the morning. ICG-PRIDE!

The ICG training for RPS on March 1st.

Here are some videos of our lifters who are currently training for the RPS meet in Columbus, Ohio March 1st!  

Monday Night Bench Training 10/29/12

Monday night bench crew (Jeff Peshek, Chane Cline, Tony Lewitzke and Mike Pfabe) shirted work at The Iron Chamber Gym. Best of strength to Jeff and Chane as they prepare for WABDL Worlds in a couple weeks! Special thanks to

Willis McCoy’s Night of the Living Deadlift Video

Congrats to Willis for his huge pull of 545lbs at the Night of the Living Deadlifts in Elizabethton,Tennessee on October 13th!

Jed Lee’s big pull of 420lbs vs 200lbs of band tension

Jed pulls a solid 420lbs vs 200lbs of band tension.  Jed competes at 148lb bodyweight.

Jed Lee’s Bench 9/26/12

Jed (148lb BW) benches 405lbs w/chains to a 3 board in Titan Super Katana at the Iron Chamber Gym on 9/26/12!

Lonnie Atkins TKO’s the Gym Heavy Bag!

The gym heavy bag gets a poundin’ when The Big Show Lonnie Atkins unleashes his fury on it!   ICG-PRIDE!