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Sunday Bench Crew 8/19/12

Here’s some highlights of the Sunday bench crew training this past weekend. Marvin Bishop smashed some impressive raw reps and then shirted up. Doug Noebe worked in his shirt and hit a solid rep to the chest. Jimmy Kolb came

Danboo Bar Presses

The Danboo Bar is the ICG’s version of a “Bamboo” bar. It is made of 4 tubes of PVC pipe. The banded hanging weights provide a very unstable motion and recruits many stabilizer muscles to fire. Here is the Monday

Jed Lee Deadlifts 365 + 200lbs of chain

Jed Lee RAW pulls a solid 365lbs + 200lbs of chain off of 2 mats.

Mike Pfabe Deadlift Training 8/11/12

Mike Pfabe pulling sumo stance for the first time since November 2011 in a Metal King Pro Sumo.