ICG Youth Conditioning Program on PowerliftingWatch.com!

Area youth from all over the Northeast Ohio area recently wrapped up a dedicated 8-week effort as part of The Iron Chamber Gym’s annual Youth Conditioning Program. With an average attendance of just under 30, boys and girls ranging in age from 4-15 gathered once a week to take part the structured program geared toward developing coordination, balance, bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics, agility, teamwork, morale and confidence. “As with each years program, we see kids of all skill levels and abilities” said ICG owner Jeffrey Begue, adding that the goal of the program is “to teach the kids the basics and benefits of a structured training program from an early age and to hope that they carry it on for years to come.” The program is 100% free for all who attend and is staffed voluntarily by members of the ICG family. The program concluded it’s 8-week session with help from the Canton Charge (Cleveland Cavaliers D-League Team). The kids were rewarded for their dedicated efforts when Charge mascot Pozzie, along with Charge Girls Mikala and Tracy, entered the ICG to witness the hardworking kids in action during the final session. Autographs, pictures and pizza closed out an amazing 8-week endeavor. “We are very fortunate to be a position to give back to the kids, it means a lot to all of us” said Begue, “we are very proud of each and every one of the kids and look forward to further gains and developments next year”.


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