Tony Lewitzke

Tony Small
  • Name:  Tony Lewitzke
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Birthdate: 9-30-80
  • Hometown: Canton, Ohio
  • Tell us a little about yourself:   I am married to my beautiful wife Lori and I have a son CJ. I also work at the Sheriff’s Dept as a Corrections Officer.
  • Why ICG:  I have trained at other great gyms but they don’t compare to the level ICG has taken my training. Not to mention the brotherhood at ICG. ICG is my 2nd family.
  • What got you into Powerlifting:  I want to be huge an strong…and I hate dieting.
  • Most notable accomplishments in powerlifting:   So far my 1700lb Total. 615lb Squat, 535lb Bench and 550lb Deadlift at the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam   
  • Supplements:  Whey, Creatine and a Pre Workout.
  • Favorite lift and why:  Deadlift. Its the truest test of strength. Squat is a very close 2nd.
  • Favorite thing to eat after weigh ins:  McDonalds breakfast sandwiches an a Monster
  • Favorite Lifter (outside of ICG):  Chuck Vogelpohl.
  • Anybody you would like to thank:  All my ICG brothers
  • Favorite quote:  “If you’re not gettin better, you’re gettin worse” – Mark Bell 
  • What do you hope to leave behind when your career is over:  Elite totals in multiple weight classes an to help coach younger lifters…but I plan on doing this til I enter Odin’s Great Hall.