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Congrats to Doug Amburgey for his showing at the NOBA Natural Bodybuilding Fall Classic!

Doug A1

Congrats to Doug Amburgey for his two 2nd place finishes in Masters and Light Heavyweight at the NOBA Natural Fall Classic on Saturday! This is by far Doug’s best condition to date. Here is a look at his past shows

Congrats to Willis McCoy at the NOTLD Oct 13th!

Willis NOTLD

Congrats to Willis McCoy on his 501lb Deadlift at 148lb bodyweight at the Night of the Living Deadlift yesterday in Tennessee. Wasn’t Willis’s best pull but still very respectable for coming off a bodybuilding show recently. The NOTLD is an

Team ICG results from the XPC Semi Finals and RPS Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic


It was a great weekend of lifting at the XPC Semi Finals and RPS Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic meet in Columbus! Results for ICG lifters are as follows: XPC Semi Finals: Jed Lee – Bodyweight 146.7lbs, Squat 545lbs, Bench 415lbs,

Team ICG Representing at the INBF Bodybuilding Show!


Big Congrats to Team ICG representing at the INBF show! Jeffrey Begue – 2nd place Mens Open Light Heavyweight Paul Beadle – 5th place Mens Novice (Light) Willis McCoy – 4th place Mens Open Bantamweight Doug Amburgey – 1st place

USAPL Bench Nationals in ATL Results


Congrats to Super Marvin Bishop and Big Mike McHargh at the USAPL Bench Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend. Marvin benched a solid 529lbs and took Bench Nationals Champion after coming back from an injury sustained last November. Big

Results from the Lexen Xtreme/RPS Powerlifting Bash July 20th


Lexen Xtreme/RPS Powerlifting Bash Grove City, Ohio -Jed Lee (BW 147) SQ 525, BP 355, DL 520 for a 1400 total. Squat and Total PR’s and 4 World Records in Submaster class, also moved into 2nd on the ICG Top

Results from the WABDL Great Lakes Regional July 20th


WABDL Great Lakes Regional Lansing, Michigan -Marvin Bishop (BW 395) 601.8 BP Ohio Open and Submasters state record and PR. -Chane Cline (BW 331) BP 651.3 Law/Fire Sub-master World Record and PR -Greg Hawkins (BW 242.4) DL 502.3 Ohio Law/Fire

ICG Records have been updated


The Iron Chamber Gym Records have been updated! Please follow this link to The ICG Hall of Records

Results from the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam


Congrats to the ICG lifters who competed in the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam on June 15th, 2013. Results are as follows: Logan Dallas – 148lb Bodyweight, 500lb Squat, 330lb Bench, 515lb Deadlift, 1345lb Total for 4 Teen World Records and

ICG Fit Camp Week 2 in the Books!


Week 2 of ICG Fit Camp is in the books. We went from 6 people week 1, to 12 people in week 2. ICG Fit Camp takes place one day a week and we strive to work on total body