Results from the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam

Congrats to the ICG lifters who competed in the RPS Lexen Xtreme Summerslam on June 15th, 2013.
Results are as follows:
Logan Dallas – 148lb Bodyweight, 500lb Squat, 330lb Bench, 515lb Deadlift, 1345lb Total for 4 Teen World Records and 4 Ohio State Records.
Jimmy Kolb – 236.5lbs Bodyweight, 850lb Bench Single Ply Mens Open for a World Record and Ohio State Record.
Tony Lewitzke – 242lb Bodyweight, Mens Open 615lb Squat, 535lb Bench, 550lb Deadlift for a 1700lb Total.
Mike Pfabe – 270lb Bodyweight, Open and Submaster , 705lb Squat, 565lb Bench, 535lb Deadlift, 1805lb Total for 2 Submaster World Records and 3 Ohio State Records.
Chane Cline – 332lb Bodyweight, Mens Open, Multi Ply, SHW, 805lb Squat, 640lb Bench, 655lb Deadlift, 2100lb Total for 3* Amatuer World Records and 4* Law/Fire World Records.